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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 15, 2010 12:35am-1:35am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ]
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jimmy fallon happening right [ eers and applause ] >> another great show, jay le. hi, everybody. it's me, pee-wee herman. i'm so excited -- [ cheers and applause ] thank you. i'm so excited to be on "jimmy faln" ler tonight. i also wanted to make sure everybody out there watching knows that tonight's secret word is "baseball." now, you all remember what to do when anyone says the secret word, right? >> scream! >> that is so right. for the rest of the night, whenever anyone says the secret wo, scream real loud. ready? let's try it, shall we? the new york yankees, they sure are great at baseball! [ bell tolls ] [ cheers ]
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excellent work. okay. let's start the show. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ ches and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universatelevision -- captions by vitac -- ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, that's what i'm talking about, right there. welcome, everybody. welcome to "late nit with
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jimmy fallon." how you guys feeling tonight? you guys feeling good? [ cheers and applause ] oh, man. good. welcome. everyone -- everyone is still talking about the amazing rescue of those miners in chile. how great was that? i mean, it was amazing. [ cheers and applause ] experts thought it would take 48 hrs, but it ended up only taking less than 24. that's right. bp was like, "pfft, we could have done it in six months." [ laughter ] "why didn't you ask us?" and this isn't good at all. it turns out one of miners in chile was actually greeted by his mistress instead of his wife. when he reached the surface, it was like "eh, let's go. take me now, take me now." [ laughter ] "no, no, coming down, coming down. coming down. i'm not going back. come on, be a bro. be a bro. be a bro. let me down. come on, dude. hey. oh, it's you. hi. hi, honey." >> steve: oh, nice.
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>> jimmy: this is pretty cool. as a nice gesture to the chilean miners, they're being showered with gifts like vacations and ipods. and as a nice gesture to their families, they're just being showed, period. they're like, "this is -- please." [ laughter ] it's true. the miners are being offered free vacations. their boss is like, "that's great, guys. i wish i could give you the days off. but you know, you just had 70." [ laughter ] "so, yeah. sorry." here's some big political news. joe biden told "theew york times" that president obama has already asked him to be his running mate in 2012. not only that, he said sarah palin, mitt romney and the st of the republicans also asked him to be ama's running mate in 2012. [ laughter ] that's some interesting news. i just heard about this. this is a nice story a couple got married at the texas state fair this week. so sweet. the bride was wear something old, something new, something fried, and something dipped in chocolate. [ laughter ] this is weird. a man here in new york said his
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cell phone saved his life by blocking a bullet when he was shot. in response, the person sitting behind h in the movie theater was like, "that was just a warning shot, buddy, okay? put it on vibrate." [ laughter ] check this out. 175 women here in new york city auditioned this week to be the next "playboy" playmate. [ audience oohs ] yeah. the way the audition works is, you take your clothes off. [ laughter ] and finally, ryan seacrest's old house just went on the market for $14.9 million. [ audience oohs ] yeah, he calls the property "casa di pace," which is better than the name he originally wanted, "metro di sexual." [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show. give it up for the roots! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: we have such an awesome show tonight. we are flipping out. i am so excited. one of my comedy ids, the one and only pee-wee herman is here. [ cheers and applause ] he's on broadway. october 26th is opening night. i'm just so excited to have him here. from "parenthood," the beautiful joy bryanwill be joininus. i love her, too. from "jackass 3d," steve-o is going to pull off a big, messy stunt here in our studio. [ cheers and applause ] and we've some great, great music from the one and only from ben folds, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] thas a lot of show. that's too much show. >> steve: we might as well just make two shows. >> jimmy: it's a four-hour show we're doing tonight. welcome back to the telethon. now, look. you gu, it's thursday, which means it's time to "remix the clips." here we go. ♪ >> jimmy: now, this is where we take stuff that we found on the internet and tv, stuff that's funny, weird, or interesting,
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and have our very own questlove remix it. look at how good he looks. [ cheers ] ere he is, ready to go. he's ready to fight. it's always a good time. our first clip that i smurfed on the world wide weird is -- christine o'donnell in last night's debate in delaware she's been very vocal about how she doesn't agree with a lot of recent supreme court decisions, and one of her moderators asked her elaborate and name which one she doesn't agree with. here's her answer. >> oh, gosh. give me a specific one. i'm sorry. >> actually, i can't, because i need you to tell me which ones you object to. >> i'm very sorry. right off the top of my head- i know that there are a lot. but i'll put it up on my website, i promise you. >> jimmy: ah, that's the way debates work. right yeah. which beatle do i like? i don't know, you tell me which one i don't like. [ laughter ] i'll put it on up my website. our next clip comes om cbs channel 5. a reporter is trying to say that he's filling in for one of the
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regular anchors, but he jumps into the lead story a little too fast. check it out. ♪ >> good evening, i'm ken bastida. dana is off tonight. he was murdered and then set on fire while celebrating his birthday. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what happened to dana? what happened to dana? [ laughter ] "he was decapitated and" -- what? "no, it turns out -- sorry, dana is on vacation in cancun, mexico." oops. [ laughter ] "dana was attacked by a group of young hooligans." man, oh, man. this next clip comes from the australian talent show "x-factor." it's like an "american idol" over there. and this judge is talking about his history with the groupe's about to introduce, but the details get a bit t graphic. take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay.
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guy, i'm starting with you. please introduce your second act. >> well, i met these girls, actually, on a tour that i did a little wle ago, and they blew me away then. and then they walked into the audition room and blew me again -- blew me away once again. [ ughter ] please -- welcome mahogany. >> jimmy: just to let you know, that group n last season. [ laughter ] just to let you know, they really did. thewon by a lot. our fin clip is an internet classic. gather around, you guys, gary's on the diving board. yeah. [ audience ohs ] he goes off, lik the neck fat atthe end. like, he does a flintstones flop. that's kind of awesome. it was like, one and a two and --
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all right. those a the four clips that we have today. questlove, let's see what you can do with them, buddy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ blew me again blew me away blew me again blew me away ♪ ♪ blew me again blew me away set on fire top of my head ♪ ♪ top of top of my hea top of top of ♪ ♪ top of top of my head set on fire top of my head ♪ ♪ blew me ain blew me again top of my head blew me again ♪ ♪ top of my head blew me again top of my top of my ♪ ♪ set set set set set set on fire while celebrating ♪ ♪ ♪ set set set set seset on fire ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there you go.
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that was awesome. gi it up for questlove over there. "dana was set on fire." we'll be right back with steve-o. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ could switching to geico really save you fifteepercent or more on car insurance? does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist? patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interestin you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fiftn minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. oh, sorry... we're sharing. excuse me... can i borrow he [ male announcer ] applebee's 2 for 20 is now stuffed with more flavor. like florentine ravioli with chicken. one app. two enees. twenty bucks.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody, thank you for watching our show. welcome back. as you know, "jackass 3d" is opening tomorrow. [ cheers ] and we've had the "jackass" crew here all week doing cra stuff. in a minute, we're going to see another stunt. but first, take a look at a clip from "jackass 3d. >> me and thboys are about to do a little duck hunting. [ quacking ] pull! [ gunfire ] >> oh! >> oh! >> ow! >> oh, my god. >> you look like buck rogers going through time, you know?
12:51 am
[ ches and applause ] >> jimmy: that was gre. ladies and gentlemen, give it up for one of the stars of "jackass 3d," steve-o. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome tthe show, buddy. i appreciate it. now, you did that stunt right before that guy went, right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you didn't go as high as him? >> i went as high, but i didn't have the style points. >> jimmy: the grace >> yeah. >> jimmy: what was the -- because my friend s this, and it is 3d, so you almost feel, when you're watching this movie, that you are doing these stunts. i mean, there's this one where you're hitting a bee tetherball. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: it's like a bees nest. >> there's all kinds of great stuff. >> jimmy: and bees are just flying around your head. and you're going -- people were freaking out in the theater and stuff. yeah >>eah, we got a lot of great stuff. free ball tee ball, and -- >> jimmy: what's that? oh, never mind. [ laughter ] just figured that t, yeah. you had to do that one? >> yeah, that was -- i got to do that one, jimmy. >> jimmy: you never -- do you ever just look at your -- like, what you're acting. you're an actor in yo trailer. you're like, "oh, i got to -- perfect. okay, let me call my girlfriend, let her know nothing's going to" -- yeah. >> it's a great movie. "jackass" is what 3d was made for. >>jimmy: yeah.
12:52 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: i mean, this is- the stuff i've seen -- that's what a lot of people are saying. >> right. >> jimmy: yeah, i think -- >> and technology has finally caught up to us. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: hey, you're a genius. exactly. well, since we have you here, we love you, the game we're playing tonight is called the bookshelf wrecking ball. and what's going to happen is we're going to send a wrecking ball through different -- three different bookshelves stacked with various items. steve-o, since you're here -- >> i'm here to oversee the proceedin. >> jimmy: yes, you're going to be the wrecking ball. okay? let's do it, okay? steve-o, go ahead. go over to your specially designed wrecking ball launch platform and zip line. here we go. [ cheers ] it's really hard to get this stuff. really high-tech stuff. >> where is -- >> jimmy: no, there's nothing yet. we have to find out what you're going to be swinging into. you're like, o i have to make it up? this is crazy." higgins, wh's the first item for the wrecking ball? >> steve: the first item is a wall of decorative jell-o molds. that's right, steve will be using the principles of momentum
12:53 am
and inertia to knock over a wall of jell-o molds. they're jiggly, they're wiggly, and they're ready for the human wrecking ball. jimmy? >> jimmy: there you go, right there. jell-o. jell-o gelatin. are you a fan of jell-o gelatin? >> jell-o's delicious. >> jimmy: all right, great. have y ever wrecked into it? >> you know, i'm actually vegan. i don't ink it's vegan, but let's do it anyway. >> jimmy: very good. close enough, yeah. for all you vegans, just lower the volume on your television sets when you hear the jell-o being splattered. remember, folks, these guys are professionals, so please don't try any of these stunts at home, even if you do have your own bookcase full of jell-o molds. [ laughter ] steve-o, whenever you're ready. release the human wrecking ball. ♪ >> jimmy: you didn't hit jell-o at all, did you? >> oh, yeah -- >> jiy: did i hit your head? i'm sorry. how are you feeling? i'm sorry.
12:54 am
>> oh, no. it's all good, man. it's only my head. >> jimmy: can we just take a look at that in super slow motion, please? ♪ yeah, you went head first there, and then with one shelf. oh, yeah, you hit your head there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, very hard. you might want to go and pack that first. >> all rght. >> jimmy: all right. >> side to side. >> jimmy: all right, let's do anoth one, all right? >> let's try and get some more momentum on this one. >> jimmy: all right, do you want me to hold this? you can get a little more momentum on this one? what? this guy's crashing into it to. is he related to you? hey, are you ready? what else can steve-o crash into, higgins? >> steve: well,ow about bowls of feathers? that's right, steve-o will be swinging down into bowls that have feathers in them. these feathers come from a goose down pillow used last night. could not fall asleep until about 3:00 a.m., but that's another story. also, the feathers are covered with a little bit of flour, jimmy. >> jimmy: now, steve-o, you look determined. you look determined and ready to
12:55 am
go. >> that last one didn't quite scratch the itch. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. i love that you are crazy. he's awesome. all right, steve- whenever you're ready. release the human wrecking ball. [ eers and applae ] ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: good one. are you okay? >> yeah, yeah, i'm fine. >> jimmy: that was great. you got all oit. let's take a look at that in super slow-mo. ♪ >> jimmy: oh, my god. they're coming in too low. you're coming in to low, but you're smart to bring you back to the -- oh, and you're falling. you're falling. but bcareful. be careful. do not try this at home or in the studio unless you're steve-o.
12:56 am
[ laughter ] gosh. you sure you're dog? this is insane. >> yeah. >> now, are you okay on that one? >> i'm fine, yeah. >> jimmy: you are okay. >> jimmy: let's do one more. let's do one more. higgins, what are we going too next? >> steve: wellhow about a wall full of 2 cactuses. [ laughte] native to the deserts of arizona and new mexico, these members of the plant family cactaceae, known for their spiky outer coverings, will be steve-o's next wrecking ball target. jimmy? >> jimmy: there you go. there you have it. it's a wall of 200 cactuses. >> yeah. >> jimmy: or cacti. both words are acceptable. that's good, guys. that's good enough. he'll find it. [ laughter ] >> okay, let's really get me going. >> jimmy: are you ready? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: steve-o, whenever you're ready, release the human wrecking ball! [ cheers ] ♪ >> jimmy: yes! bro, you're awesome. yoare awesome. congrats on the movie. congrats on the movie. that was perfect. "jackass 3d" is in theaters tomorrow.
12:57 am
our thankso steve-o. up next, e of my favorites ever, pee-wee herman. come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ know what gets me out of bed early? breakfast at subway! [ male announcer ] a big day deserves a better breakfast. choose from a dee-licious lineup of our newest $5 footlong breakfast mts, like the sunrise subway melt. [ strahan ] subway. build your better breakfast.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. that was fun. whether it's in the movie "pee-wee's big adventure" or his ground breaking tv show "pee-wee's playhouse," our first guest is truly one of a kind. he's making his broadway debut starting october 26th with "the pee-wee herman show." please welcome the hilarious pee-wee herman. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:01 am
>> jimmy: oh, my god. pee-wee herman. pee-wee, i am -- >> that's my name. don't wear it out, jimmy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: welcome to the show. i'm a giant fan of yours. you are the funniest. you are the smartest. you're a genius. >> thank you. i know i'm awesome, jimmy. thank you so much. >> jmy: yeah. yeah. you should have seen my face when i heard we booked you on the show. i mean, it was a night just like this -- four weeks ago, in this building, i got the call from the booker. [ light laughter ] it was the best booking news i ever heard. then the sod sounded like a ringing of a telephone. it was a telephone. [ light laughter ] the producer said, "pee-wee herman is doing your show." and when i hung up the phone, from that excited, enthusiastic
1:02 am
producer, my face, it looked -- it looked like this -- >> ah! >> jimmy: ah! the best booking i've ever had. >> i love that ory. >> jimmy: pee-wee herman -- you are the -- [ light laughter ] ' you are the first impression that i ever did, ever. >> really? [ as pee-wee herman ] >> jimmy: "yeah, i used to do you all the time. i loved it." > ha-ha. >> jimmy: it's fun to do. yeah. >> i wish i would have known that, jimmy. we already got an understudy for the show. >> jimmy: i heard about this. we have a picture. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: regis. [ laughter ] what is he doing? >> oh, it was incredible. i went to times square with regis last week. it was just incredible. he was dressed just like me, exactly, same shoes, everything. it was like looking in the mirror. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> weird. >> jimmy: it does look weird. >> and then halfway through the thing, he started yelling out to
1:03 am
people in times square, "we're the pee-wee brothers. we're the pee-wee broths." >> jimmy: it probably sounded like -- [ as regis ] "we're the pee-wee brothers. we're the pee-wee brothers." [ applause ] >> wow. you sound just like him. jimmy: scary. yeah. are you enjoying -- you're doing a broadway show, "the pee-wee herman show." >> oh yeah. >> jimmy: look at this. [ cheers and applause ] so cool. dude, there's pee-wee mania all over new york. you're on buses. you're on phone booths. >> taxi tops. >> jimmy: taxi tops. look at this, "paper" magazine. this is on the cover. [ cheers anapplause ] that's cool. are you having fun in new york? are you enjoying it? >> it's incredible. last week i did this thing. it was an experiment in social networking. and i went all over the whole cit i went from harlem to city hall, everywhere. >> jimmy: really? >> and i checked in on 4 square everywhereand tweeted. it w so much fun. it was really, really fun. everywhere we went, it was just incredible. people were yelling stuff at me. and, "nice to have you back, e-wee." "you look great, pee-wee." all that kinof stuff.
1:04 am
it was just incredible. i brought some slides along to -- i prepared a little slideshow that we could look at if you so desire, jmy. >> jimmy: yes, i would love to see it. we have a slideshow. okay, there's you. >> there i am. there i am at city hall. it turned out this wasn't city hall, and that i thought i was at city hall, t i was at some courthouse or something. it was very embarrassing 'cause i kept walking around inside. and they kept going, "you have to get out. it's a court hou." and i kept going, "no, no, it's city hall." and they -- they knew where they were it turns out. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: ay. >> then i have -- i wanted to gsee chinatown nd little italy. i wanted to see all the ethnic, you know, incredible flavor of new york. so, here's my picture from there. >> jimmy: yeah. [ laughter ] that is little italy and chinatown. >> yeah, i got them both in one photo. [ laughter ] then i went to world famous ka's deli and had their famous pastrami -- i mean corn beef --
1:05 am
is it corn beef or strami? i forgot. >> jimmy: it's a combo of both probably. >> it was delicious. i couldn't believe it. i couldn't stop staring at it. [ laughter ] then i took my very first ride on a subway. never been there before. [ lghter ] it was inedible. this gentleman i met on the subway now lives with me and regis. >> jimmy: oh, my god, yeah? >> yea [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's so cool. good for you guys. that's so fun. >> then we went -- we ate all day. this is me up in harlem at sylvia's getting some take-out. it was delicious. >> jimmy: okay. you did a lot of eating. yeah, and then what did you do? >> incredible. then i went over to jacob the jeweler and got blinged out. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's usually what happens. yeah. that's fantastic. nice new york tri >> it was fantastic. >> jimmy: now, after -- now, after -- after jacob, you went over to broadway because you were getting ready for this. are you a fan of broadway? >> oh, yeah. yeah, i love broadway. i love fifth avenue. i love likell the streets here in manhattan. >> jimmy: but broadway shows. broadway shows. >> oh, broadway shows. yeah. i don't actually know too many broadway shows. >> jimmy: well, this is a t of work.
1:06 am
i mean, it's like -- it's like hours. you have to a show ery single day. two shows. >> oh, yeah. eight shows a week. i'm not doing eight shows. i'm only doing four. regis is gonna do two, and then john stamos is gonna come in and do two. [ laughter ] so, it's incredible. so kind. >> jimmy: yeah, i can see stamos doing that. that iso -- yeah. >> so kind of him to do that. >> jimmy: you always have the coolest stuff. pee-wee gear is always the coolest stuff. you're selling a lot of fun things at show. you have -- >> yup. >> jimmy: you have silly bands. >> yeah. >> jimmy: pee-wee silly bands. >> my silly bands. >> jim: there's carrie. looks like carrie right there. >> yeah, they even glow in the dark, jimmy. >> jimmy: super cool. and then stickers. >> yeah, stickers. we have everything. >> jimmy: you have shirts. >> i have a magnet set. a book -- a book. all kinds of -- a necklace. a charm bracelet. >> jimmy: that's fun. >> yeah. >> jimmy: hats, t-shirts. >> oh, yeah. we have all kinds of thakind of stuff you'd maybe wear to sporting event. you know, do you play sports? do you follow sports? >> jimmy: yeah, a little bit. >> who do you like? [ laughter ]
1:07 am
>> jimmy: i like, you know -- basketball. >> oh, really? anything besides tt? like, another sport maybe? >> jimmy: hockey. >> hockey. i always get hockey and foosball mixed up. >> jim: yeah. yeah. >> hockey is the one with th sticks, and so is foosball. you can see where i would -- >> jimmy: go figure. yeah. >> -- confused. >> jimmy: exactly. >> or maybe you can. >> jimmy: i like footbl. they're always good. >> yeah. any other ones? do you follow any sports? do you play sports besides those two sports? >> jimmy: um. >> what about the sport, jimmy, where you go and you're in a big stadium? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i need more hints. >> oh, um. oh, oh. you use a bat. you have a dugout. there's a catcher, he has a mt. >> jimmy: oh, baseball. [ screaming ] [ cheering ]
1:08 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we're back with the one and only pee-wee herman,
1:13 am
whose broadway debut, "the pee-wee herman show," starts october 26th at the stephen sondheim theater right here in new york city. i cannot wait for this show. it's gonna be so fun. i'm so excited you' here. i wanted to ask, would you go for a bike re with me? >> it's me. a bike ride? of course. >> jimmy: yeah, let's do it! [ cheers and applause ] wow. >> shotgun. ooh. [ bell ] ♪ >> jimmy: will it make the turn? we'll just go around the studio. >> yeah, heard that before. [ laughter ] here we go, jimmy. [ scattered appuse ] what if i kill us? >> jimmy: i know. i'm scared. i'm getting scared. >> oh, oh. jimmy, is there brakes on here? oh. >> jimmy: y, tell us -- it's "the pee-wee herman show."
1:14 am
what is it all about? >> oh, it's about pee-wee herman and his desire to learn how to fly. >> jimmy: yeah. you've always wanted to do that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you wanted to fly. >> don't want to give anything away on whether i get to fly or not, jimmy. you'll have to see the sho >> jimmy: are all the original characters -- all the characters coming back? >> oh, my gosh, deja vu. [ laughter and applause ] basebal >> jimmy: baseball! [ screams and applause ] >> let's get some speed jimmy. [ screaming ] >> whoa >> jimmy: hey, what if the critics are bad to you? what are you gonna say to them? >> i don't know. what do you say to your critics? [ as pee-wee herman ] >> jimmy: say, "i know you are, but what am i?" >> know you are but what am i? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am i? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am i, jimmy? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> jimmy, i kw you are, but what am i? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am i? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am i? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am i? >> jimmy: i know you are, but what am i? >> i know you are, but what am infinity. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no! >> no! >> jimmy: i'm not! >> i'm not.
1:15 am
>> jimmy: you are. >> you are. >> jimmy: cut it out. >> cut it out. >> jimmy: pee-wee -- >>pee -- >> jimmy: all rig. >> all right. [ speaking at the same time ] "the pee-wee herman show starts october 26th rit here in new york city. joy brya joins us next come on back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] get to subway® tonight, cuz any regular footlong™ sub is a $5 footlong™ sub after 5pm when you buy 2 or more. even your flavor-ites like the chicken & bacon ranch.
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1:19 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a lovely and talented actress who stars in
1:20 am
the nbc show "parenthood" which airs tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. right here on nbc. please welcome joyryant. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thk you so much for being here. so psyched that you're here. are you a big pee-wee fan? >> i am. >> jimmy: yeah, he'the greatest. >> i am. >> jimmy: too fun. yeah, it was awesome. i -- you grew up watching him and all that stuff? >> i did. >> jimmy: he's so funny. >> cowboy curtis. >> jimmy: yes. >> and that was large marge you guys were doing? >> jimmy: yeah, had to do large marge. >> arge marge. [ lghter ] >> jimmy: tell them large marge sent you. >> tell them large marge sent you. >> jimmy: i was thinking of just giving him, like, quotes all nit, but i didn't want to drive you crazy. he was like -- [ imitati pee-wee ] "i got to get out of here." so, i was like, "all right." how about this? but you were -- you were -- this is your hometown, born and raised in new york city. [ cheers ] >> south bronx, yes. i grewp in the -- in the bronx, not far from yankee stadium. >> jimmy: yankee stadium. great -- the great --
1:21 am
what do they play again? >> baball. [ screams and applae ] >> jimmy: yay! yay! [ laughter ] it's so fun. hey -- that's what happe on these nights. were you a performer? >> you guys are the best, by the way. >> jimmy: oh, the roots. give it up for -- [ cheers and applause ] for real. >> jimmy: were you a performer as a kid growing up in new york? >> i mean, not -- i mean, i did, like -- i took dance class and we used to do these, like, community, like, neighborhood talent shows once a year. so i did a little skit here or do a little dance performance and stuff. so -- >> jimmy: what were the skits about? >> the skits were really weird. because, like, one of the skits that i remember, i must have been, like, 5 years old. it was about, like, children being kidnapped. and i closed the show with,
1:22 am
like, being snatched. but i was 5 years old. d like, why were you -- what? >> jimmy: like, the worst talent show i've ever seen. like, this is scary. >> i think i won that year, though. >> jimmy: you played the kid who got kidnapped. yeah, you got your first oscar. but now you're -- you're giving back now, and now you're doing -- you'vdone movies. you've done tv, and now you've given back -- you went to cambodia? s it oxfam? >> yeah. yeah, i did. i did. i went -- >> jimmy: i have a picture here. what is this from? >> that's at angkor wat. >> jimmy: angkor wat? >> there's a temple there. >> jimmy: angkor what? >> angkor what! [ laughter ] angkor who. >> jimmy: so pretty. god, that's gorgeous over there. >> yeah, it was so hot. oh, my god. >> jimmy: was it fun hanging out over there? >> iwas a lot of fun. that was at the, le, tail end of our trip, by siem reap, and we had to get a tour guide to take us around angkor wat, the temples and stuff. so before everyone with oxfam america arrived, he -- the tour gde, who is a monk slash psychic slash healer kind of dude. >> jimmy: a monk and a psychic and a healer? >> he's a healer. he's a psychic.
1:23 am
he's got, like, 20 jobs. he's got, like, all that. >> jimmy: wow. >> so he calls the office, and he -- he calls the office cambodia. and he's like, "is one of the women coming with -- does she have strange hair?" and they're ike, "what are you talking about, crazy monk? no." and i got off the plane, and i had, like, corn rows and stuff in my hair. everyone's like, "oh, myod. she's the one with the strange hair." so, when we went down and i finally met him, basically -- he basically said that me and him used to be lovers in my former life and that he was a king and i was, like, the star dancer in his court that he hired to perform for him. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? >> yeah. and en he would just do all these weird things. like, i felt like when we would be talking, like, i'd be -- he was trying to suck me into his past life vortex or whatever. like, he was trying to get me. and then he told melike -- he, like, commanded me to dance, and i danced. it was weird. >> jimmy: you did it? you -- >> i did it. it was like -- >> jimmy: you were under his spell? >> it was like these -- these guys weere -- > jimmy: he was just hitting on you, making up a lie. he's n psychic. [ laughter ]
1:24 am
really, it's like, "if yowere the alphabet, i wld put 'u' and 'i' together." [ laughter ] >> no, he had these crazy powers. it was crazy. these -- we walked past these musicians that were playing, like, off the side, like, inngkor wat. and they were playing cambodian music, and he was like, "joy, you must dance for me now." and i was like -- >> jimmy: what? >> i don't know what i'm doing. i don't know what i'm doing. i don't know what i'm -- >> jimmy: he sounds so -- that is creepy to me. >> and i turned to my friend. i'm like, "don't leave me alone withim. he's ying to suck me in." and then he told me later on, he's like, "you must come back to your home. this is where you belong." and i was like, "was i cambodian in a former life?" apparently i was. >> jmy: i wish i was -- >> or he was full of it. i don't know. >> jimmy: "i wish i waa pokemon, so i could pikachu." [ laughter ] yeah, i was scaing all over you. >> i lost s e-mail. i never e-mailed him, though. >> jimmy: no. yeah, the guys on e-mail. come on, this monk is unbelievable. let's tell you about "parenthood." "parenthood." "parenthood." it's based on the movie, the huge movie that everyone loves. steve martin, ron howard, gosh, keanu reeves was in it. such a great movie.
1:25 am
>> joaquin phoenix. >> jimmy: joaquin phoenix, that's right. he was so young. he was the little kid, right? >> yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: it's amazing. i love that movie. but now the show is just as od. it's you and dax shepard. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: and who do you play? just tell everybody. >> i play jasmine. and dax and i, in the first season, we -- i kind of emged, and we had something from years before. and i -- "sprise, you got a son!" >> jimmy: that's it? just like that. "surprise, you" -- >> he's your baby. >> jimmy: -- "you got a son." >> yeah. you got a -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah. so now you're back. season two. you're a regular? >> yeah. yeah. so i'm aegular now. and is just basically us trying to be a family unit and -- >> jimmy: he's more of, like, the loose, loosey-goosey guy, and you're more of the straight, right? kind of? >> yeah, kind of. >>jimmy: yeah. yeah, i mean, like, are you both -- i mean, like, who's the -- are you both wild? >> on the show, or in real life? >> jimmy: no, on the show. on the show. >> oh. >> jimmy: i've already talked to the monk. yeah, he told me you were not wild. you were a very good girl. i appreciate that. yeah. but it's a very fun show.
1:26 am
we actually have a clip of "parenthood," what's coming u next week. here's the great joy bryant. >> i don't know what you're talking about because i'm a cat person. >> grody, you're a cat person? >>yeah. >> cats suck. they're always licking themselves. they're narcissistic. they're kind of ocd. dogs are way better. we got to get a dog. >> we? >> hmm? >> you just said "we." >> no -- >> we got to get a dog. >> i said you've got to get a dog. >> no, i'm pretty sure i heard you say "we." >> i don't ink so. i think i said "you," meaning you and jabar, should get a -- what's happening behindhis door? >> jimmy: he'll change the subject. yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] oh, a little "we" maybe. joy bryant, "parenthood" airs tuesday 10:00 p.m. on nbc. ben folds performs next. come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ can a smartphonebe its ?
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1:30 am
i'mere with joy bryant and the great nick hornby, right here, who is amazing. [ cheers and applause ] he's the author of "about a boy," "high fidelity" and "fever pitch." nk. [ laughter ] recently took a break from books to write some lyrics that ben folds then set to music. that collaboration was just released on the album "lonely avenue." here to perform a song from it called "saskia hamilton "-- >> both: please welcome ben folds. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i've only ever seen her name on the spine but that's enough i want to make her mine ♪ ♪ never heard her voice never seen her smile but i'm in lo with saskia hamilton ♪ ♪ well she's a poet just like i want to be but her passport alone is great poetry ♪
1:31 am
♪ and i'm in love with saskia hamilton ♪ ♪ she's got more assonance than she knows ♪ ♪ what to do with i am in love with saskia hamilton she's got two sibilants ♪ ♪ no bilabial plosives saskia hamilton saskiaamilton yeah ♪ ♪ right saskia hamilton skia hamilton ♪ ♪ ♪ already got a girl but she sounds real bad i am in love with ♪ ♪ saskia hamilton she's t alliteration and her surname's dag ♪ ♪ oh ♪ no hard consonants in my girl saskia ♪
1:32 am
♪ every single syllae sounds like shakespeare and i'm in love with saskia gonna le with her ♪ ♪ and it will be harmonious how could it not be when she's that euphonis i'm gonna marry her ♪ ♪ and it'll be idyllic and my teacher just told me she's dactylic saskihamilton ♪ ♪ saskia hamilton yeah right saskia hamilton ♪ ♪ saskia hamilton ♪
1:33 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the way to do it. baseball! [ bell tolls ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ben folds, nick hornby. check out their album "lonely avenue my thanks to pee-wee herman, steve-o, joy bryant, nick hornby, ben folds again! [ cheers and applause ] and the greatest band in late night ever, the roots, right there, everybody!
1:34 am
stay tuned for "carson daly." thanks for wching. have a good night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪


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